From the North Carolina State-SHRM Conference:


"This was the best and most informative session of the conference. She did an amazing job. She was very professional and approachable about a tricky topic"

"I really appreciate the fact that Elaine can give excellent advice while recognizing the constraints that some businesses have and saying out loud that she advises employees as well as employers if they are being too demanding or having unrealistic expectations"

"Much needed content - speaker was terrific"

"I’m so glad you had this session. I think SHRM national should have more diversity and inclusion questions on certification exams"

"I wanted to thank Elaine for her willingness to speak so openly about her life experiences.  I feel that we witnessed something very special and I am grateful"

"Elaine took a subject that is so hard to talk about at work and provided so much insight and compassion.  Something we need more people to understand with regard to diversity both inside and outside of work"


"I really appreciate the information Elaine shared. I can say I walked away more aware of the issues people are facing in today's society" 

"Thank you so much for coming to speak with us. I definitely learned a lot of information and it really touched me in a way that gave me a better understanding of what someone that is a part of the LGBT community might be experiencing both personally and in their work environment"

"..wished I had registered my entire staff. I look forward to the opportunity to share my experience with campus leaders. I had to leave during Q&A early and wanted to share with Elaine that my husband is also a commercial airline pilot, an organization as she knows is predominately male and and thank her for sharing her story personally and professionally. We need you [both] in all organizations. Keep up the practice of good work" ( - Linda McCabe Smith, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity at NC State University)