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Transgender consulting, training, and coaching for the workplace
Seminars have included:
  • "Best Practices for Employers of Transgender People"
  • "Everything You Were Afraid to Ask, but Wanted to Know"
  • "How to Gain Acceptance and Understanding from Spouses and Family" (for trans people)
  • "Transgender 101"
  • "Why Transgender is Real"
  • "Transgender Policy Development"
  • "LGB and the T; Similar, but different"
Seminars have been provided from full day to one hour in length and can be customized to your needs.
One on one coaching is available for managers, supervisors and trans employees with the objective of better assimilation, acceptance, and comfort in the workplace.



Presentations are available for any venue or audience at any level of sophistication and understanding of transgender issues, policies, or background. These include presentations for trans people, allies, companies, non-profits, government entities and members of the broader LGBTQIA community. 
Transgender consulting, training, and coaching for the workplace
Assistance can be provided with policies, procedures, policy impact assessment, promotion, recruitment, interview screening and for employees seeking to understand how they may best assimilate in the workplace.


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