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Elaine Martin

Elaine Martin | Transgender consulting, training, and coaching for the workplace

and the many challenges faced by trans people and those who love and work with them. Elaine has been active in political campaigns and transgender policy having lobbied to change the North Carolina DMV gender marker policy with the NC legislature and having served on the steering committee against the North Carolina Amendment One Campaign.


She spent a widely varied 23 years in the banking industry at the executive level often responsible for change initiatives, acquisitions, and human resource talent integration. She was chair of the Equality North Carolina C4 board for 2½ years and is a former President and Programming Chair of “The Southern Comfort Conference”; the largest conference of transgender people in the world.  She currently serves on the boards of the ACLU  of North Carolina, The Raleigh LGBT Chamber of Commerce (RBPN), and the North Carolina AIDS Action Network (NCAAN) as Treasurer.


Elaine's previous consulting career included Alex Sheshunoff Management Services (bank consultant), The City of Wichita,(process improvement), and currently as an Associate Consultant to Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer (specialty in LBGT employee/employer integration and education in the workplace).  


Elaine holds a BA in Psychology (SUNY Buffalo), an MBA in Finance (University of New Mexico), and is a commercial pilot. She has owned her own business and is married with children.





Elaine Martin is a dynamic transgender woman who has been a speaker and leader within the            transgender and the broader LGBT communities for  last 25 years. She speaks and presents frequent seminars on an array of topics regarding the workplace, policy, transgender rights, transitioning,           

Transgender consulting, training, and coaching for the workplace
Transgender consulting, training, and coaching for the workplace
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