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What We Do

For years now, we have been providing fun, light-hearted, but content-rich education about the transgender community and the individuals who comprise it. We specialize in training sessions for corporations, small businesses and nonprofits who are encountering this unique challenge of diversity within their workplaces. We also work with transgender employees who are struggling with integrating their authentic self with their work environment.


Often, the questions are unknown as well as the answers. Many of the most important aspects of a trans person's life and evolution are frought with trepidation. We recognize that there is potential discomfort in asking these questions or receiving the answers. Our desire is to create a learning environment that is non-threatening and welcoming for all individuals at every level of understanding.


Transgender people have been hidden from society due to the stigma and potential ridicule associated with coming out, a rigorous gender dichotomy, and the gender specific behavioral expectations in most societies. These individuals are now becoming more public and, as Vice President Joe Biden said, "Transgender Discrimination Is ‘The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time’".

As with any misunderstood minority, the first step is to know them better. Allow us to enrich your workplace and employees' satisfaction by inviting us to provide context for this sometimes little understood segment of our society. We'll maintain your employee and the productivity your workplace.


Contact us and we'll customize an engagement to your needs.

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